"Health is Precious" , "Naturally, We treat the Cause not the Effect"

Amulya Ayurveda is a fastest-growing Ayurveda-based health and wellness centre – started with a holistic aim – To provide effective healthcare services to people at a cost they can easily afford. It leverages on its industry know-how, domain expertise, skilled doctors and a portfolio of effective and economical healthcare services to remove root cause of any disease – thereby ensuring people long-standing happiness, fresh attitude towards living an improved life and earning them true benefits of a holistic healing system.

Amulya believes that the health and wellness depends on a thoughtful balance between the spirit, mind and body. So, its core aim is to promote the health and well being of a patient, rather than fighting the disease. To put it in other words, Amulya Ayurveda uses thousands of years old holistic healing system to treat the cause and not the effect.

Amulya’s flagship services include an assortment of traditionally-rooted yet new-age Ayurvedic treatment such as expert consultation, Prakriti analysis, Panchakarma, specialized treatments for various diseases, Naturopathy and diet counseling. We also have in our portfolio wellness programs like detoxification, stress management, weight-loss treatments, infertility support and beauty treatments. We hope to serve both who are well, along with those who are not.
Amulya Ayurveda is Holistic Healing center for wellness and prevention by Ayurvedic wisdom.
Please note that Amulya Ayurveda is not a massage center or center for beauty or cosmetology.

At Amulya, we
  •   Protect and promote patients’ health
  •   Treat every patient with respect and dignity
  •   Listen to patients concerns
  •   Inform and educate patient about health and wellness
  •   Encourage healthy living and clean habits
  •   Communicate openly with patients about their symptoms and ailments
  •   Adhere to moral and ethical codes of conduct
The Best,
  • At Amulya, we found
  • The Best Traditional care
  • The Best Doctors
  • The Best Staffs
  • The Best Infrastructure