Concentration & Ayurveda herbs!

Do you know that we have lost focusing nowadays? It has become a lost art in our society. With rapid growth of technology and mass media, our physical health is deteriorating and it has diminished our ability to focus. Our minds are wondering all time and it has become impossible to make mind to concentrate.
So when was the last time, you started reading a book and finished it in your target time? Or how long you keep concentration for a particular task?
The need of hour is Ayurveda, there are lots of herbs which can help us in our concentration and focus. One of such herbs is Shankapushpi.
Shankapushpi is a well known “medhya rasayana” herb which promotes mental clarity, a strong intellect and rejuvenation of the mind and nervous system as a whole.  It is considered as a sacred and sattvic (balanced) plant that can be used for any body types (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).

Shankapushpi improves the circulation to the brain resulting in a heighten sense of clarity, improved memory and greater focus.  Although this herb is highly effective for awakening the mind and intellect, it is equally as grounding and is widely used in treating anxiety, a restless mind, excessive worry and all kind of sleep disorders. Shankapushpi is safe and it is gentle for treating individuals of all ages.
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