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Diabetes: “Conquer it with us”

Diabetes: “Conquer it with us”

Diabetes is emerging as one of the most challenging health problems in this century .With about 30 million cases in 1985 It has increased to 177 million cases in 2000 globally and worldwide more than 360 million individuals will have diabetes by the year 2030 (Reference: Harrison’s principle of Internal medicine, 2002). It is one of the most common non communicable diseases globally. Infact it is epidemic in many economically developing and newly industrialized countries. According to WHO, India is the country with the fastest growing population of Diabetic patients and between 1995 – 2025 diabetic patients in India will increase by almost 200%.

In Ayurveda diabetes is described as one of the Prameha diseases which means excessive secretion of diseased urine, and the general causes of Prameha can be long periods of physical inactivity, sleeping for long hours, laziness, freshly harvested cereals, alcoholic drinks, and excess use of food that increase Kapha like dairy products, aquatic animals, sugar preparations etc., which are heavy to digest in general.

Prameha is classified in two types:
  1. Sahaja prameha/ beeja dosha – The patients with Prameha since birth or born to the parents suffering with this disease.
  2. Apathya nimitaja prameha –The patients with bad eating habits, lifestyles which lead to aggravation of doshas, suffer from this type of Prameha.
At Amulya, we follow the first and foremost principle of prevention as well as the treatment of any disease and that is avoidance of causative factors which is known as the principle of Nidana Parivarjanam in Ayurveda. All treatments are planned after individual assessment by studying patient history, physical examination and lab investigations. And we use a mix of scientifically proven treatments like Panchkarma, Tarpana, Detoxification, Shirodhara etc. and diet planning, exercise routine with personal care. Our objective is not only to bring high blood sugar levels to normal but to maintain them over a long time. We are expertise in regular follow ups, screening and timely interventions to prevent and treat Diabetic complications.

At Amulya we have got a very good success rate in treating Diabetes.

Note:  As we all are genetically different with different constitutions and patterns, we respond to treatments in many different ways. Hence Standard Ayurvedic Treatments are always individually formulated. This article is intended only for information. It is not a substitute to the standard medical diagnosis, personalized Ayurvedic treatment or qualified Ayurvedic physician. For specific treatment, always consult with a qualified Ayurvedic physician.